Acid Bridge Collinsville, Illinois

Corrosive Bridge in Collinsville is said to be a standout amongst the most spooky places in Illinois and Lebanon Road absolutely seems like a somewhat startling stretch of street! A standout amongst the most novel highlights of the street is that it has seven railroad connects ignoring it which are privately alluded to as the seven entryways of damnation. There is a urban legend that courses in the neighborhood that on the off chance that somebody goes underneath each of the seven extensions at midnight, they will go into an entrance prompting Hell itself! Every one of the seven scaffolds is additionally expected to be protected by Hell dogs!

One of the scariest of the scaffolds is the one know as Acid Bridge. The legend is that a few adolescents were high on Acid when they lost control of their vehicle and flipped over the edge of the extension into the shallow rivulet beneath where they all kicked the bucket in a flash. Individuals state that they feel especially uneasy on this scaffold and have peculiar sentiments while there. There are additionally chilly spots and unusual unexplained clamors. Despite the fact that, to be reasonable none of the seven scaffolds looks especially inviting!

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