Black-Eyed People

Dark Eyed People are youngsters, regularly kids, with eyes that are strong dark and no separation between sclera, understudy, or iris, and are at times answered to have blue or pale blue tinted skin like that of a carcass. The individuals who report experiences with them regularly feel that the youngsters were by one way or another heavenly and incredibly risky however they can’t clarify why.

Frequently they can be seen playing diversions and singing the nursery tunes “elderly person long legs” or “he hopped into a brier shrubbery” in surrender, or close left regions, here and there the reports discuss them showing up at ones doorstep normally alone or in a couple they have all the earmarks of being abnormally certain yet timid youngsters who stay away from your look and look down concealing their eyes, however talking with a persuasively a long ways past their evident age. Regularly utilizing the quirks and discourse examples of a grown-up, they every so often forces the voice of a grown-up. They will typically endeavor to convince the injured individual to permit them passage into their home to utilize a phone or to be sheltered from some unspecified risk. infrequently when seen outside the home they will quickly stop their play and gaze at you, or if conceivable methodology you requesting a spot to remain or attempting to convincing you to give them a ride home. Regularly, individuals start to consent to their solicitations against better judgment, despite the fact that the solicitation will appear to be ambiguously disrupting, without acknowledging why it is.

Should you find that their eyes are totally dark, the kids become irate and relentless on you consenting to their requests. A few people who have experienced Bek feel that the youngsters may have been utilizing some type of low-level personality control to get them to go along.

Encounters including the Bek for the most part don’t clarify the reason for the kids’ eye shading or the starting points of the youngsters themselves. Some of the time thought to be the spirits of lost or killed kids the Bek are believed to be harbingers of malevolence and individual fate. the experiences much of the time underscore that the kids must be willfully conceded or welcomed into the house or vehicle being referred to, and along these lines are reminiscent of some vampire legends. Anyway it is unspecified what happens should you agree to their requests as no reports of the Bek have incorporated that event, potentially demonstrating the demise of those that go along.

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