Beware of the BunnyMan

It is by all accounts simply a urban legend, anyway the puzzle still encompasses what was known as the “Bunny Man”. It happened in 1970, when a man dressed as a bunny rabbit threatened individuals for a little while. This bunny was not an amicable one, as he used an enormous bladed hatchet. The region is known as “Bunny Man Bridge” which is situated on Colchester Road in Clifton in the southwestern piece of Fairfax County, Virginia.

There are various varieties of this story, anyway they all appear to frighten individuals amid Halloween as the Bunny Man restores every year or maybe his soul does. This creepy figure has made a since of riddle for the individuals who live in the territory, continually keeping an eye open strolling during the evening on a dull roadway.

The territory of Clifton, Virginia is very little – – with just around 300 inhabitants in the region and is just 192 sections of land in size. The main recorded episode occurred on October twentieth, 1970 when USAFA Cadet Bob Bennett and his then life partner Dusty were in the territory seeing relatives. It was during the evening and they were coming back from a football match-up, as they plunked down in their seats inside the vehicle they saw something moving in the back view reflect. After a minute, the front traveler window was totally crushed and a peculiar man wearing a bunny rabbit suit was there. Bennett quickly turned the vehicle around while this bunny man shouted at them hollering “You’re on private property and I have your label number”. Not far off they found an ax laying on the vehicle floor.

The following locating happened additionally at night on October 29th, 1970. As development security watch Paul Phillips moved toward a man who was remaining on the yard of an incomplete home in Kings Park West on Guinea Road. Phillips announced this odd man was wearing a bunny suit, he was around 6 feet tall and perhaps weighed around 175 pounds. This bizarre man was cleaving at one of the yard posts shouting out “All you individuals trespass around here. On the off chance that you don’t leave, I’m going to bust you on the head”. Subsequently the bunny man at that point kept running into the forested areas.

Both of these occurrences were explored by the Fairfax County Police division, in the long run the cases were shut from absence of proof. In the next weeks more than 50 individuals answered to the police more sightings of this “bunny man”.

In 1973, University of Maryland understudy Patricia Johnson presented an examination paper on these occurrences. Supposedly there were discoveries of several neatly cleaned half-eaten remains of rabbits which were dangling from the trees inside the encompassing zones. Some time later the remaining parts of an individual named Marcus Wallster was found in the forested areas close-by. He was found halfway cleaned and eaten.

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