Caswell House Newnan, Georgia

Caswell House was worked in the town of Newnan in the mid 1900’s. The town saw quick development and has since transformed into a city, one of the quickest developing citys in Georgia. The house has had different proprietors in now is the right time, yet any names and dates couldn’t be found. The house is presently the central station and slave historical center for the African American Alliance of Coweta County.

Behind the primary house is the old shotgun house, it’s trusted that agnostic or potentially sinister customs occurred in the old shotgun house during the 1980s. Some trust that the frequenting of this area was brought about by such practices. Concerning reports of hauntings, some trust their to be general malevolence spirits on the premises which cause sentiments of uneasiness and dread, however the normal conviction is that the house is spooky by Ruby Caswell and her sibling Hoyt.

Ruby was one of the proprietors of the house and she thought about it significantly, her specter has been found in every aspect of the house strolling around as though determining the status of it. It is said she additionally adored youngsters and numerous individuals have asserted that their tyke has said that an old woman had played with them inside the house when nobody else was near, yet on examination to see who this individual was, nobody could be found. Could this be the apparition of Ruby?

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