Children’s Encounters with the Unknown

Are Children more attuned to the supernatural?

Youngsters’ Encounters with the Unknown

Are Children more sensitive to the otherworldly?

Numerous specialists presume that kids, from the most youthful ages and into early teenagers, are bound to encounter paranormal wonders since they have not yet built up the preferences that numerous grown-ups have against such out of sight, thoughts. Maybe they have not yet made their own channels for sentiments and encounters that the majority of society think about nonsensical or anomalous.

Or on the other hand it may be the case that youthful cerebrums or psyches are, for reasons unknown, physically increasingly open to such marvels as phantoms, close passing encounters, previous existence review and feelings.

Whatever the reason, here are a few genuine stories from perusers that appear to affirm that youngsters can be remarkably checked out the odd and the unexplained:


A long time back while in my youngsters, my mother took me with her to get one of her older companions to give her a ride to our congregation. We weren’t going that night, however my mother was constantly useful to the senior residents at our congregation. When we got to my mother’s companion’s home, mother requested that I go to the way to disclose to her that we were outside looking out for her.

I rang the doorbell and the old woman opened the entryway, said “hi” and left me remaining in the entryway for a couple of minutes while she got done with preparing. The lounge chair in the old woman’s family room was in part protected by the entryway, yet I could see a man sitting on her sofa before her TV, which was turned on.

He never moved or addressed me as I remained there. I was exceptionally bashful and didn’t endeavor to address him either. I unmistakably recall that he had on a white shirt, dark pinstriped jeans, dark nylon socks and sparkling dark shoes. His hands laid on his knees. I recollect that his hand was wrinkled and gave off an impression of being that of an old, dull, African-American man, yet I was situated such that I couldn’t see his face.

Following a couple of minutes, the older woman snatched her jacket and exited the entryway locking it behind her. She left the man sitting on her love seat staring at the TV, however she hadn’t said anything to him when she left. I believed that it was fairly odd, yet said nothing regarding it to her.

After we dropped the older woman off at chapel, I stated, “Mother, Mrs. McClain left a man in her home, yet she didn’t express bye to him when we left.” I additionally disclosed to her that he was perched on her sofa before the TV. She asked me what he looked like since Mrs. McClain’s proprietor came to visit her every once in a while. I portrayed what I saw to my mother, yet revealed to her that I didn’t see his face. My mother said that the depiction that I gave did not coordinate that of her landowner, since he was an exceptionally pale-cleaned man.

My mother was exceptionally concerned, so she called Mrs. McClain at chapel and, all together not to caution her, asked, “Did you have some organization? My little girl said that you left your TV on.” Mrs. McClain told mother she didn’t have any organization that day and that she abandons her TV on at whatever point she goes out on the grounds that she needs individuals to believe that somebody is home, with the goal that nobody will break in.

Hearing this truly scared my mother, and I surmise the old woman could hear the trepidation in my mother’s voice and she begun shouting out, asking my Mom, “What did your little girl see?

Kindly let me know, what did your girl see? You are startling me. I can’t return there. What did she see?” I recollect my mother conversing with her for a moment to quiet her down. My mother at last persuaded her that we were simply asking why she had left the TV on.

At the point when my mother at last got off of the telephone, we were both extremely shaken. I was crying and incredibly apprehensive that I would see this man again in light of the fact that now we realized it must be a phantom. I continued rehashing, “I am glad to the point that I didn’t endeavor to see his face.” My mother support me by saying that it was most likely Mrs. McClain’s significant other, who had passed away, looking out for her since she was in solitude. I never observed the man again and we never told Mrs. McClain what I had truly observed that night in her home. — H. Holmes


At the point when my younger sibling was an infant, possibly nine months old, we lived with my grandmother. My grandpa had simply kicked the bucket. My mother was sitting in the lounge room around midnight endeavoring to get my sibling to rest, however he wouldn’t quit crying. Abruptly, out of the blue he quit crying, sat straight up and stated, “Hello, grandpa.” There was nobody else in the room by any stretch of the imagination. The bizarre thing is, he said those words so unmistakably, and he had never spoken, not even to say “mother”! — Beth B.


Huge numbers of your UK perusers between the ages of 45 and 55 will most likely recall a TV show called Watch with Mother. The show was on the BBC during the 1950s and highlighted a string manikin named “Andy Pandy”, and he had a sidekick named “Loopy Lou or Looby Lou”.

One day my sibling and sister where playing upstairs in our front room. This room was around 12 ft. x 12 ft. furthermore, had an organizer in the corner, which was legitimately over the stairs. My sister and sibling, both now in their late 40s, vow right up ’til the present time that Andy Pandy left that cabinet in the corner and spent the following hour playing with them both. This Andy Pandy, be that as it may, was around four feet high and had no hidden obligations. I have addressed them two throughout the years and still their story continues as before. – Mike C.


When I was seven years of age, one end of the week I wanted to keep awake until late ground floor playing computer games and afterward rest on the haul out bed. I was getting ready to hit the sack when, for reasons unknown, I got the feeling that something was watching me. I got sufficiently frightened to keep running back upstairs, and keeping in mind that I was running, I could see short (no bigger than two feet tall) and squat figures dashing after me.

They were ill defined in highlights, and showed up as simply inky-dark outlines.

Likewise, when my auntie was youthful, she was dozing over at a companion’s home toward the finish of the road when she said that a “shadow man” showed up at the foot of the bed and started to get out her companion’s name. She shouted and said that it vanished into the floor.


My mom’s family (guardians and kin) lived in Binghamton, New York. My father was in the Navy and my folks, my sister and I lived in Patuxent River, Maryland. I was six years of age at the time. Despite the fact that we lived in Maryland, I knew the vast majority of my mom’s family since we would visit them regularly in Binghamton, and amid the late spring they all came to visit us. At the time, my cousin, Marylou, who lived in Binghamton, was 11 years of age.

I returned home from school one day and asked my mom for what valid reason Marylou was crying. She didn’t comprehend what I was discussing.

I disclosed to her that I heard her crying. She was very bewildered by my announcement and had no clarification. Inside a couple of hours, the telephone rang. It was my grandma calling to state that my cousin had been hit by a vehicle strolling home from school — about a similar time I told my mom I could hear her crying. I have had a couple of different hunches, yet this is the one I recollect most.

— Nancy T.


I was 13 and it was a long while after my younger sibling had passed away. I had needed to be with him since I figured it would be preferable with him over at home. One night I was resting in my bed and I had felt this warm sensation. I saw this substantial hand please my legs. It was so warm I needed to wake up. Incredibly, there were a few men remaining around my bed, which was facing the divider. They were wearing white and reciting in some language I never heard. One took a gander at me and after that they all did and quit reciting. At that point, all in a solitary document, they left the room.

I crept as far as possible of my bed and looked out the way to the lounge room. There we had a diminish light on. They were no more. I was somewhat terrified and slithered under the spreads and began to implore. At that point my other sibling inquired as to whether I was wakeful. I said yes. He requested that I go to his room. I stated, “No chance. You come.” But I managed to get to his room, just to discover that my sibling had experienced precisely the same thing as I did. We were both terrified. — Ruby


At the point when my cousin was close to nothing, she would dependably say that she was visited by “a companion.” My family thought this was a fanciful companion.

At some point while glancing through a photograph collection, my cousin saw an image of her granddad who had kicked the bucket just a couple of years before she was conceived. She had never observed this image. She said that the man in the image (her granddad) was the companion who visited her normally. This is fascinating in light of the fact that my granddad loved his grandkids, and I could imagine him needing to meet the person who was brought into the world after he kicked the bucket. — Dennis and Heather S.


My mother revealed to me this story, despite everything she cries when she tells it. It has never been clarified. My sister, Shirley (the firstborn), passed on of Down Syndrome at two years old in 1961. She had gaps in her heart. Very nearly two years after the fact, my mom had a child kid, my sibling, Steven.

One day in 1962, my mother was up in the storage room doing some work, and my father was in the storm cellar in his workshop.

Steven (age one) was as far as anyone knows resting in a playpen in the nook. My mother heard, undeniable, Shirley’s voice saying, “Dadda! Dadda!” … and it was as if she were directly there beside her in the storage room. Undeniable. My father heard the SAME THING down in his workshop. “Dadda! Dadda!” They both state it was particularly Shirley’s voice — uproarious and clear.

Father kept running up to tell mother; mother rushed to tell father. They both kept running into the nook, and there was infant Steven with plastic cleaner’s sheeting that he had gone after on the lounge chair — and he was choking! Mother an

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