Hells Gate Oxford, Alabama

Reports of paranormal movement at the extension is by all accounts for the most part old stories. There have been two affirmed passings at this area, which were of a couple who kicked the bucket in a mishap. The most prominent nearby story tells that on the off chance that you stop on the scaffold and look behind you, the street seems to resemble the red hot entryways of hellfire.

Another story incorporates that in the event that you stop your vehicle on the scaffold and get out for a couple of minutes, at that point there will be a wet fix on the seat, thought to be from the apparition of an individual from the couple who kicked the bucket in the mishap.

The last most normal story of the extension incorporates that in the event that you stroll up the street from the scaffold towards the close-by manor, at that point you will be pursued by a spooky vehicle that wont vanish until you achieve the scaffold once more, this to me sounds somewhat difficult to accept. Be that as it may, the story about the street seeming to resemble the entryways of hellfire has been accounted for by numerous individuals, as has the apparition vehicle. I surrender it over to you, the peruser to make of these accounts what you will.

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