Lewiston Civic Theatre Lewiston, Idaho

The Lewiston municipal auditorium was worked in 1907 by the Lewiston methodist church. This amazing palace like structure wasn’t utilized as the theater it is today until 1972.

Today this extraordinary structure still works as a theater.

There has been a gigantic rundown of accounts of hauntings at this area throughout the years and I speculate that a considerable lot of them are results of individuals simply needing to add theirs to the rundown, however i’ll list the most prevalent in any case and you can choose for yourself.

A standout amongst the most well known stories is of 2 young ladies who were as far as anyone knows killed in the structure when it was a congregation and their spirits can be seen going through all territories of the theater, particularly on the stairs. Amid the extremely same night as the 2 young ladies were killed, there is additionally the narrative of how a janitor disappeared and has never been seen right up ’til the present time.

There is additionally the story of one of the late chiefs of the structure who can be seen sitting in the seats as though trusting that a show will begin.

Aside from individual phantoms there are different gatherings and people who guarantee there to be no less than 50 unique spirits in the structure. Their identity and why they are there is by all accounts something that will never be known.

The genuine movement that happens inside the structure is to long to list, yet incorporates all the typical things, for example, electrical gear playing up without clarification, strides from void zones, lights in void rooms turning on and off, spirits of different types everywhere throughout the structure, etc.

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