Maine State Prison Thomaston


In 1824, in Thomaston, Maine the Maine State Prison was built up. The reason behind the office was for detainees to serve out life sentences doing hard work. In different cases, detainees served hard work for shorter periods. People alike served time at the Maine State Prison. In the long run ladies were moved from the office. Amid its history the office was crushed by flames various and remade. The jail additionally had segments for emotional wellness and an isolation unit.

In the numerous years the Maine State Prison has been being used there have been reports of sightings from gatekeepers and detainees alike. Gatekeepers have made cases of somebody watching them when there was nobody around. Others have expressed they have seen the spirits of previous detainees around evening time when the jail is at its generally calm. Many trust a portion of the hauntings are an immediate consequence of hardware from an old jail on Thomaston being moved to, and utilized at, Maine State Prison.

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