Old Crowley Mansion Erie, Pennsylvania

The Old Crowley Mansion is never again standing, however the site on which it once stood is as yet viewed as a standout amongst the most spooky houses in Erie PA. The house was really one of the primary frequented structures recorded in Erie.

The Crowley Family were inconceivably well off, however they were likewise tormented by adversity including murders, disease and inopportune passings.

The Crowley’s before long left, however none of the families who moved in after them remained for long! With no one in living arrangement the house in the end fell into ruin and now all that remaining parts is a vacant field.

Be that as it may, the individuals who visit today state that they are overwhelmed with a rush of trouble and pessimism. Some have likewise professed to have seen specters in the zone.

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    This house is still standing


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