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Ghost of Colombia City Prison

One of the creepiest frequented puts in Fort Wayne, Indiana is the Old Whitley Jail otherwise known as. Columbia City Jail. Built up in 1875, the Whitley Jail presently fills in as a major aspect of a spooky house amid Halloween festivities and as a verifiable site.

Apparition seekers advance toward the old Jail with expectations of experiencing the phantom of Charles Butler. Head servant was a criminal who broke out of the correctional facility just to be gotten, come back to the prison, and condemned to death by hanging.

Because of inconveniences amid the hanging, he wound up choking for 10 minutes as opposed to having his neck broken right away. His apparition is accepted to frequent the correctional facility since.

Witnesses have heard chuckling, voices, and strides. The phantom of an obscure lady and the apparition a previous sheriff are likewise accepted to frequent the correctional facility.

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