The Red Spot

red dot

The Red Spot is a short unnerving tale about a young lady who gets up one morning with an abnormal imperfection all over. It depends on a urban legend called The Spider Bite or Spiders in the Cheek. An adaptation of this story showed up in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz.

One night, a young lady was dozing in her bed when a creepy crawly crept over her face. It ceased for a couple of minutes to her left side cheek, at that point it went on it’s way. When she woke up the following morning and looked in the mirror, she saw a red spot on her cheek.

What’s this?” she asked her mom.

“It would seem that an arachnid nibble”, her mom answered. “It will leave, simply don’t scratch it.”

Before long the little red spot developed into a major red bubble.

“Take a gander at it now,” the young lady said. “It’s getting greater.”

“That occasionally occurs”, her mom said. “It’s reaching a crucial stage.”

In a couple of days the red spot was significantly bigger.

“Take a gander at it now”, the young lady said. “It harms so much and it makes me look so monstrous.”

“We’ll have the specialist take a gander at it”, her mom said. “Perhaps it’s contaminated.”

We’ll have the specialist take a gander at it”, her mom said. “Perhaps it’s tainted.”

Yet, the specialist couldn’t see the young lady until the following day. That night she chose to take a pleasant, loosening up shower. As she lay absorbing the warm water, the bubble abruptly burst. Out poured a swarm of small bugs from the eggs their mom had laid in her cheek.

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