Savannah, Georgia

The 17Hundred90 Inn was initially three separate habitations yet is presently one of the most established hotels in Savannah. As per nearby legend, a young lady named Anna ended it all in the wake of jumping from a window in Room 204. Given its history and shocking notoriety, it’s not astounding that apparitions apparently wander the lobbies of the memorable property. Truth be told, Savannah visit directs regularly allude to the 17Hundred90 Inn as “the most spooky inn in the most spooky city in America.”

Representatives recount pots and skillet rattling in a vacant kitchen and strange crashes in empty visitor suites. One staff part heard a man’s voice in the yard and felt hands squeezing against her back. Notwithstanding, a large portion of the paranormal movement happens in Anna’s old abiding, Room 204. Visitors have frightened wakeful to the sound of breaking glass or seeing a shadowy figure remaining close to the foot of the bed.

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