The Salem Inn Salem, Massachusetts

The Salem Inn situated in Salem, Massachusetts is an accumulation of various homes transformed into a delightful overnight boardinghouse. The primary house goes back to 1834 and is the West House.

It was the previous home of Captain Nathaniel West. Despite the fact that the present proprietors guarantee they have not encountered any paranormal action or spooky sightings visitors and staff individuals have various stories.

One of the primary phantoms in a standout amongst the most spooky hotels in Massachusetts is situated in the parlor of the West House. The apparition in the parlor is that of a feline. Despite the fact that there are no felines permitted on the premises, visitors with feline hypersensitivities guarantee to encounter normal unfavorably susceptible responses to felines when entering the parlor. Different visitors have professed to have detected the feline in their rooms.

Another apparition that frequents the Salem Inn is that of a youthful youngster. The kid seems to have a ton of fun around the property. He keeps running here and there the stairs near the front work area consistently. Staff individuals have likewise heard the tyke snickering.

On different events it sounds like the tyke is dropping little shakes onto the front work area. Katherine is the name given to another phantom that frequents the motel. She is frequently detected when running past somebody making a virus burst of air give the individual a chill.

The hotel likewise has various unexplained sounds heard by visitors and staff.

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