30 Scary Home Alone Stories That Will Remind You To Double Lock Your Front Door

16 –

I was viewing a blood and guts film/can’t recollect what one now yet in it was a scene with loads of crows kicking the bucket around a ranch house flying at the windows-smacking into them annnnd think about what the heck occurred! A damn fledgling smacked into the window amid that film scene. I nearly poo my jeans and was canvassed in the shivers.

17 –

It was January in Minnesota. There was about a foot of snow on the ground and my parents were out at a bar and my brother was at a friends house but would come back later. I was in my living room watching tv and I heard a small knocking coming from the basement. So I walked down to investigate all over the basement to find nothing. Not thinking much of it I walk back upstairs to the living room to continue watching. About 5 minutes later I hear a loud crash from the basement and what sounded like a door opening. At this point I was pretty worried. I started to make my way down the stairs terrified and as I went down I thought maybe my brother was home without me knowing so I called his name. Nothing. I called again, and nothing so I kept slowly moving down the stairs only to find that there were drawers open in desks, boxes opened, and a few plastic bins and containers all knocked down and tipped over but worst of all, my back glass door wide open with footprints leading out the door. I shut it, called my parents and when they came, my mom called the police while my dad followed them. According to him, they went over my fence, and to the road behind my house where they stopped. My guess is he was picked up, but we and the police never found out if it was planned or just a random house they picked to rob. Absolutely terrifying.

18 –

When I was a child and my folks originally begun giving me a chance to remain at home independent from anyone else without a sitter the huge stereo we had in the completed piece of our storm cellar just turns on and begins impacting music. It was after 12 pm, the music was madly noisy so there was no overlooking it so 8 or multi year old me needed to go down into the cellar and turn it off. All that shouldn’t do in a blood and gore flick I did and I endure however every light in the house remained on until my folks returned home soon thereafter.

Despite everything I don’t have the foggiest idea why it turned on yet I messed around with it a great deal so I more likely than not turned on a type of caution or clock or something prior that day. That is what I’m accepting at any rate.

19 –

I was sitting in front of the TV on the love seat with the puppy around early afternoon or something like that. Abruptly she livens up, the hair on her back stands on end, and she starts growling at the side of the room. This canine, who was a past maltreatment unfortunate casualty and terrified of her own shadow, reluctant to ever bark or assault, was in a situation to jump.

Directly right then and there I hear clear, characterized strides stroll from my flat mate’s room over the lobby, directly in my line of vision. Nobody is there yet I’m taking a gander at the wellspring of the sound. The canine is on edge however her tail is tucked between her legs in the meantime. Quickly following this the room got extremely cold for a couple of moments and it took her some time to lay down.

Never had some other paranormal encounters in that house nor actually ever in my life (the special case being a house I nannied in for some time) Its suddenness truly cracked me out.

20 –

Every one of the entryways in the loft pummeled shut in the meantime. I went for a stroll around the area until my flat mate returned home.

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