30 Scary Home Alone Stories That Will Remind You To Double Lock Your Front Door

6 –

I live in a parkway. My room is on the second story. I woke up one night around 3 am to go to the washroom. I realized we were anticipating a LOT of snow. I watched out the room window to see the amassing. It was profound! Higher than the check. Like a white cover over the circular drive. I chose to get some water, so I strolled ground floor, turned on the light – went to the restroom and got water. Was ground floor possibly four minutes. I returned to my room, all lights were out again and I taken a gander at the snow once again. Inside those FOUR minutes – there were currently FRESH strides driving from my home, over the circular drive and vanishing behind my neighbors house!

7 –

Once I was alone watching TV and the door behind me closed AND locked.

8 –

Lived out amidst no place encompassed by woods and corn and wheat fields. I was home alone one night and chose to venture out on the yard for a cigarette. I’m mostly done, take another drag and when I victory the smoke it moves around a face about a foot far from me. Obviously I hurled the cigarette and nopped back inside and bolted the entryways.

9 –

House sitting/infant sitting for another neighbor. She was a single parent from the east coast, moved to Indianapolis. I was a sixth grader. All I needed to do was sit in the house and do my math homework while she was out on the town. Her multi year old infant was resting in his bunk/room. Around 9pm I find a call and solution. It’s some man who just asks “who are you?” I state I’m the sitter. At that point he begins getting some information about where the mother is and my identity by and by. I get found and hang and consider the mother and let her know. The person gets back to and afterward just begins saying the location I’m at. At that point inquires as to whether the child is alright. When I state yes he says “how might you be so certain when he’s that near a window?” To which I simply go “IM JUST THE BABYSITTER AND AM TRYING REALLY HARD ON MY MATH HOMEWORK AND NOW IM SCARED AND IM ALSO FAILING MATH.” Basically a psychological breakdown occurred. after 5 minutes the mother appears and clarifies it’s her ex who discovered her. She gives me a wad of money and reasons me. Idk if the person was in the brambles or calling from Massachusetts for sure… it was terrifying.

10 –

I was laying on the seat with my eyes shut however I wasn’t generally snoozing. I heard a lady murmur my name in my ear and she revealed to me that I HAD to get up now. I swear I could feel her breath as she talked. I got up and there was nobody there.

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