Legend of Hell’s Funnel

On the edges of Strasburg, Pennsylvania, there is a spooky soul known to frequent the country environment. Off of an apparently charming country course, lies a dim history. Legends proliferate telling the story of a man and his factory.

From the get-go in the twentieth century while working hotly one day in his factory, the man supported a mishap. The sharp turning edges from the plant dismantled the honorable man’s hand. Since the region was very remote, telephones and neighbors were rare. The man raced to his home which sat on the property, his significant other could do only watch her better half endure and seep to death. Being so distressed over the loss of her significant other, she ended her very own life.

The region encompassing their previous home is believed to be spooky by the spirits of both. There is a little lake close to the home where the vast majority of the phantoms have showed up. I’ve heard stories that individuals have seen a lady in a white dress strolling around the lake, just as drifting above. There are additionally stories of the individuals who have been scratched on the arm while moving toward the lake.

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