Dance With The Devil

breaking benjamin dance with the devil

Hitting the dance floor with the Devil is a urban legend about a young lady who goes to her school move and meets a peculiar man dressed in dark. It is otherwise called “The Devil at the Dance”.

There was a young lady who lived in Texas. She was energized in light of the fact that it was the evening of the secondary school move. She had purchased a spic and span dress for the event and she was certain she was going to look lovely in it. She needed the move to be the best night of her young life.

At that point her mom came in the house, looking pale and decided.

“You are not heading off to that move,” her mom said.

“Be that as it may, why?” the young lady asked her mom.

“I’ve quite recently been conversing with the minister. He says the move will be for the fiend. You are completely illegal to go,” her mom said.

The young lady gestured as though she acknowledged her mom’s words, however she was resolved to go to the move. When her mom was occupied, she put on her fresh out of the box new dress, sneaked out of the house and rushed to her secondary school.

When she strolled into the assembly hall, the majority of the young fellows went to take a gander at her. She was alarmed by all the consideration. Regularly, nobody saw her. Her mom some of the time blamed her for being too clumsy to even think about getting a beau. In any case, she was not unbalanced that night. The young men in her group were battling with one another to hit the dance floor with her.

Afterward, she split far from the group and went to the table to get some punch to drink. She heard an unexpected quiet. The music halted. When she convoluted, she saw an attractive young fellow with pure black hair remaining beside her. He looked striking, with pure black hair slicked once again from his temple and a costly suit.

“You will hit the dance floor with me,” he said.

The young lady figured out how to stammer a “yes”, totally staggered by this exquisite man. He drove her out on the move floor. The music jumped up without a moment’s delay. She ended up moving superior to anything she had ever moved previously. They were the focal point of consideration.

At that point the man spun her around and around. She wheezed for breath, attempting to venture out of the turn. In any case, he spun her quicker and quicker. Her feet felt hot. The floor appeared to dissolve under her. When she looked down, she saw that the young fellow wasn’t wearing any shoes and rather than feet, he had dark hooves.

He spun her much quicker. She was turning so quick that a dust storm flew up around them both with the goal that they were escaped the group.

At the point when the residue settled, the young lady was no more. The man dressed in dark bowed once to the group and vanished. The fallen angel had gone to his gathering and he had spun the young lady right to hellfire.