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Sybil Leek stays a standout amongst the most outstanding names inside black magic. Her notoriety actually goes before her, as she was given the slogan of “England’s most well known witch” by BBC. As a clairvoyant, medium, stargazer, and witch, Sybil Leek composed in excess of 60 books regarding the matters, procuring her a spot as a standout amongst the most productive writers of the convention. She had a clearly unconventional character, frequently wearing her trademark cape, flowy outfits, and enormous gem pieces of jewelry.

Sybil was destined to a white collar class family in Staffordshire, England. She professed to have been the descendent of Molly Leigh, a lady blamed for black magic during the 1700s whose phantom was accepted to frequent the town Sybil experienced childhood in. She kept up that her whole family plunged from shrouded covens all through England and the Continent, and that she had been started into a large number of them by a youthful age. Sybil trusted that she had the option to pursue her mom’s side back to Irish witches from 1134, and her dad’s side back to Czarist Russian mediums. She had said that her whole family was keen on soothsaying and mysterious practices, with any semblance of H.G. Wells, T. E. Lawrence, and Aleister Crowley visting her family home. The last mentioned, when Sybil was 16, turned into a continuous visiter to her home, investing plentiful measures of energy with her strolling around the wide open, teaching her in enchantment and urging her to compose verse.

After WWII and now into her late 20s, she moved to the New Forest region of England. This is a similar zone referenced in a few sections all through this arrangement that Gerald Gardner, and any semblance of Dorothy Clutterbuck #37, Edith Woodford-Grimes #63, and Vivianne Crowley #41, additionally invested extensive measures of energy in. While here, she invested energy with the New Forest rovers, professing to have been started into their gathering which she said had existed for more than 700 years. During her time with the tramps, she learned home grown medication, elixir making, and different other recondite practices.

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