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Sybil Leek stays a standout amongst the most outstanding names inside black magic. Her notoriety actually goes before her, as she was given the slogan of “England’s most popular witch” by BBC. As a mystic, medium, soothsayer, and witch, Sybil Leek composed in excess of 60 books regarding the matters, procuring her a spot as a standout amongst the most productive writers of the custom. She had a clearly capricious identity, frequently wearing her trademark cape, flowy outfits, and huge gem accessories.

Sybil was destined to a working class family in Staffordshire, England. She professed to have been the descendent of Molly Leigh, a lady blamed for black magic during the 1700s whose phantom was accepted to frequent the town Sybil experienced childhood in. She kept up that her whole family slid from concealed covens all through England and the Continent, and that she had been started into a considerable lot of them by a youthful age. Sybil trusted that she had the option to pursue her mom’s side back to Irish witches from 1134, and her dad’s side back to Czarist Russian soothsayers. She had said that her whole family was keen on crystal gazing and mysterious practices, with any semblance of H.G. Wells, T. E. Lawrence, and Aleister Crowley visting her family home. The last mentioned, when Sybil was 16, turned into a continuous visiter to her home, investing adequate measures of energy with her strolling around the farmland, educating her in enchantment and urging her to compose verse.

After WWII and now into her late 20s, she moved to the New Forest zone of England. This is a similar zone referenced in a few passages all through this arrangement that Gerald Gardner, and any semblance of Dorothy Clutterbuck #37, Edith Woodford-Grimes #63, and Vivianne Crowley #41, additionally invested extensive measures of energy in. While here, she invested energy with the New Forest rovers, professing to have been started into their gathering which she said had existed for more than 700 years. Amid her time with the vagabonds, she learned home grown drug, elixir making, and different other elusive practices.

While living in the New Forest region, she opened a few old fashioned shops. As her reputation as a witch developed, the townsfolk she lived around were not exactly enthused by the expansion in attention, the travel industry, and columnists sleuthing around. Some felt that Sybil was credible, while some finished up she was a misrepresentation who was exploiting the well known intrigue. Becoming worn out on the expanded consideration and strain it put on maintaining her old fashioned business, and after her proprietor wouldn’t reestablish her rent because of her reputation, Sybil emigrated to the United States. At this point, present day black magic had ascended in perceivability and association in England from any semblance of Gerald Gardner and Alex Sanders, be that as it may, it stayed in its outset in the America. Seeing a chance to enable it to develop, Sybil chose to turn into an inhabitant.

While in America, Sybil sought after Astrology as her “first love”. She distributed a few books regarding the matter and was approached to go on TV appearances as a specialist. She went first to New York City however purportedly thought that it was discouraging and miserable, especially in the winter (she was from England, right?). All through the 1960s, she showed up, while likewise giving many print meetings and talking on radio projects. In the end, she moved to Los Angeles, where she would meet her previous companion Aleister Crowley’s secretary, the celebrated Kabbalist and custom mystical performer Israel Regardie.

Sybil was infamous for her quarreling with different witches. She had drastically varying convictions, which she frequently voiced in a laconic and matter of truth way. In contrast to numerous in the cutting edge black magic of the time, Sybil objected to custom nakedness. This put her inconsistent with the developing convention of Wicca. Sybil likewise opposed custom medication use which had been picking up acknowledgment all through the 70s. She turned out to be significantly a greater amount of an anomaly, in any case, in that she was a resolute and staunch supporter of hexing and reviling. This further disjoined her relations with standard witches of her time, coming full circle in one specific broadcast fight. One of the moms of present day black magic, Eleanor Bone (#46) was on a talking visit in the United States and requested to take part in a TV program as a specialist on spellwork and reviling. The two were sat alongside one another and traded a progression of warmed abuse and denunciation. At long last, the arbitrator added, inquiring as to why Eleanor just not transform Sybil into a frog and end it. Eleanor reacted in her clever manner, “For what reason should I enhance nature”. Obviously, Sybil was not the most well known witch in the coven.

Sybil was solid in her feelings. She trusted she was guided by the soul of Madame Blavatsky (#55), and never faltered from her custom. She was one of the early defenders of black magic taking up natural causes, and consumed her time on earth composing and giving meetings on the custom she was uncovering. Sybil stays a standout amongst the most famous and notorious witches of her time. Her disputable nature is best observed through her understudy, Christine Jones, who portrayed Sybil as “causing incredible damage as she went” in that she regularly “blended facts with misrepresentations.” While her familial cases and heritage will never be known or demonstrated, it is significant that, similar to her supposed progenitor Molly Leigh, Sybil additionally strolled around with her commonplace, a pet jackdaw (crow) on her shoulder that she named Mr. Hotfoot Jackson. Notwithstanding any negative generalizations she may have strengthened, Sybil by and by promoted black magic, alongside crystal gazing and other recondite practices, through her eager composition and promise to open appearances and instruction.

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