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Wendy is a witch from Harvey Comics, first showing up as an auxiliary partner for Casper (the Friendly Ghost) and all the more as of late in the 1998 Disney TV film Casper Meets Wendy. She has shown up in different media, including funnies, movies and TV programs. As her name recommends, Wendy is a decent witch (like Glinda #76), which ontologically assumes the presence of malevolent and mischievous witches. Wendy fortifies this polarity among great and fiendishness in black magic. Her childhood is maybe a contributing component to her integrity, as she is considered as blameless and gullible.

In spite of the fact that I am not especially acquainted with her character, I wanted to incorporate her as she holds an exceptional spot of wistfulness for some individuals. I should concede, I by one way or another missed the Hilary Duff rendition of this motion picture, however will add it to my Halloween motion picture list. After looking into her character, I discovered that she, as Sabrina (#62) and the Owens Sisters (#53), likewise has a few witch Aunts. From her unique source material and following the built up custom of witch names that extends from Bewitched to Sabrina, her aunties are Thelma, Velma, and Zelma (however this is changed in Disney). Curiously, her Aunts attempt to constrain Wendy into rehearsing the dim specialties of malicious black magic, with their three-ness reminiscent of the Graeae (#64). Wendy stays consistent with her moniker, in any case, and defies their desires and keeps on rehearsing “white enchantment”. While her aunties take after conventional/clichĂ© Halloween witch witches, Wendy seems like a pajama/onesie-wearing minimal red riding hood. Complete with a wand, floor brush, and witch cap, Wendy is a youngster little witch who investigates the world and enchantment around her, helping me in an approach to remember Kiki (#66).

Wendy is unquestionably a witch I have to research all the more altogether. I generally acknowledge when a witch is depicted in a positive manner that talks straightforwardly to kids (Room on the Broom #75, La Befana #68), as I observe this to be useful in combatting hundreds of years of the criticism of black magic. If it’s not too much trouble remark and let me find out about this great little witch!

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