Yubaba and Zeniba – 8

Yubaba and Zeniba (Spirited Away 2001).

These sisters are extremely remarkable and demonstrate an exceptionally one of a kind understanding of the double idea of a witch. Miyazaki films have a few witches, and shockingly I’ve just truly gotten to Kiki. Yubaba and Zeniba show totally unique sides of black magic than a witch like Kiki, being a double nature adaptation of the Crone. Yubaba is a business visionary and a furious mother. Zeniba is adoring, kind, and defensive.


Zeniba is an amazingly incredible witch whose enchantment could without much of a stretch opponent that of her more youthful twin sister, Yubaba. Kamaji additionally once remarked that she was “one unsafe witch”. Instances of forces she was appeared to have were:

Enchantment: Zeniba is impressively talented in controlling extraordinary vitality that empowered her to modify the texture of the real world and resist the laws of nature. Indeed, even Haku, who was an incredible soul in his very own right, was no counterpart for her enchantment, and were it not for Chihiro’s and Kamaji’s opportune help, he would have been slaughtered. Instances of capacities Zeniba got from her enchantment are:

Paper Charms Magic: Zeniba had the capacity to make mysterious paper charms or charms to fill a huge number of needs – she summoned a vast group of puppet formed paper shikigami to seek after and upsettingly assault Haku after he had stolen her seal, and later on she astral-anticipated herself into Yubaba’s office through having one of the shikigami.

Soul Possession: Zeniba had the capacity to have the pith of spirits or other extraordinary elements, as shown by how she had one of the paper shikigami to control Chihiro to discover Haku.

Astral-Projection: Zeniba had the capacity to extend her cognizance into a straightforward astral-structure outside her body.

Change: Zeniba had the capacity to control reality to change any article or being into something different, which she diverted through her hands – with simple hand motions, she changed Boh into a little mouse, Yubaba’s Bird into a modest crow, and the Three Heads into a copy of Boh’s unique structure. It is conceivable that she had this capacity to a very propelled degree, for not by any means Yubaba (an impressive witch herself) had the capacity to see through the changes at first, and possibly acknowledged it when Haku implied it to her.

Supernatural power: Zeniba had the capacity to move questions just as people with her brain, which she like her sister Yubaba directed through her hands. She shut her front entryway without physically contacting it when Chihiro came to visit her.

Reviling: Zeniba had the capacity to cast supernatural charms or spells intended to make negative impacts happen – amid her and Chihiro’s first gathering, she uncovered that she had set a withering condemnation on the seal that Haku stole, and it was in this way affirmed by Kamaji, who saw that Haku was passing on because of the reviled seal he gulped, for it made him seep from within. It is likewise conceivable that Zeniba had this capacity to an exceptionally propelled degree, given how Kamaji depicted it as “solid enchantment”, and she herself later disclosed to Chihiro that just intimate romance could break her revile.

Detecting: Zeniba had the capacity to decide the area and status of different creatures by focusing on them, as appeared by how her bouncing lamp guided Chihiro and her mates to her bungalow, and when she opened the entryway for them, she uncovered that she had for some time been anticipating them.

Arcane Knowledge: Zeniba had a broad information of enchantment and the soul world, as shown by her discussions with Chihiro amid their second and last gathering.

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